8 Things To Look For in a Facebook Advertising Agency


Perhaps you’ve dabbled with Business Manager and Power Editor, creating your own Facebook ads to promote your business. Perhaps you then realized that you’re not satisfied with the results or that Power Editor is too damn complex for you to understand.

If the above description accurately described you (and if not, continue reading anyway, since you’ve come this far) then perhaps it’s time for you to hire a Facebook advertising agency. Before you hastily choose a Facebook advertising agency, however, here are 9 things to look for in a Facebook advertising agency.

1. Month-to-Month Contracts

Don’t like commitments? No problem. Unlike many advertising agencies who require a long-term contract, some Facebook advertising agencies ask for only a month-to-month contract.

A month-to-month contract means you can choose to leave an agency if you’re unhappy with their services. As the paying client, you should have the right to leave an agency at any time and for any reason. An agency should focus on helping your business every month, not trying to lock you into long term contracts.

2. Comprehensible Contracts

Most ad agencies will give you lengthy contracts filled with confounding legal jargon that will probably lull you to sleep. Faced with a contract such as the one described, you may easily miss or misconstrue important points that could put your company at risk. Your agency should be able to provide a short, concise, easy-to-read contract in which you know the exact terms and conditions involved when working with your new partner.

If you have trouble understanding certain parts of your contract, always annotate the contract and ask the agency for clarification. After all, you want to know what you’re signing up for.

3. Clear Pricing

To put it simply: you want to know exactly how much you’re paying. After signing a contract, there’s no looking back. If an agency doesn’t indicate a specific price on your contract, then don’t sign it. Without a price clearly stated, an agency can change the way it charges you. For example, it could charge you more than it promised. It could charge you hidden fees.

4. Quick Communication

This isn’t the 1700s in which we communicated through long letters written in parchment. We now have quick and easy access to communication, all thanks to the advent of cellphones and the internet. Thus, delayed responses are often inexcusable.

Quick communication is imperative with ad management. In order to achieve a more efficient ad spend, ad agencies must create, change, and optimize quickly. You should look for agencies that have the ability to respond within 24 hours (or less) for every email or phone call. If it takes longer than 24 hours, you should search elsewhere.

5. Advanced Technology

Some ads require advanced technology to create. For example, if you want a canvas ad, your ad agency will need an HD video camera, video editing software, video lights, among many others. High quality ads often do not emerge from low-quality technology.

6. Expertise

Evidently, you want to hire an ad agency that actually knows what it’s doing. Hiring an expert will ensure your money and time is well spent.

You’ll know an ad agency is an expert if:

  1. It knows basic digital marketing terms.

If your ad agency doesn’t know what CPC means, then take your money and do business elsewhere.

  1. It has a blog.

An agency with a blog shares valuable information with the public, keeping clients informed so they can make wise decisions regarding their campaign. You can gauge how much an agency knows from what they write about.

  1. It provides multiple solutions to problems.

An agency that is capable of providing not only one but multiple solutions to problems shows its ability to think critically in times of need.

7. No Outsourced Talent

As illustrated on point number four, communication is an essential part of managing ad campaigns. If the ad agency you hired outsources talent, or hires employees from out of the country, communication problems may occur with the conflicting time zones.

8. Quality Creative

When choosing an ad agency, consider what creative options it offers before making a commitment. Does the agency offer copywriting and video editing services for no extra charge? Does the ad agency produce good quality creative? Remember that ads with a compelling story, copy, and eye-catching images attract the most attention and provides the  best results.

Consider this list when searching for an ad agency. Don’t be too hasty in committing to the first agency that comes your way. Be selective and do your research.