The 4 Types of Facebook Ads You Need to Know


Have you heard of a Facebook Canvas ad? How about a Carousel ad? If you haven’t, then you certainly need to read this post.

Facebook ads come in four formats:

  1. Single Image
  2. Video
  3. Carousel
  4. Canvas

If you frequent Facebook, you have likely seen these ads before. To err on the side of caution, I will explain these ads below. First, we’ll begin with the most common type of Facebook ad…

Single Image Ad

The single image ad, the type of ad most Facebook advertising agencies create, has a simple anatomy. It contains text above the still, single image, a headline and description underneath, and a call-to-action button located either on the top or bottom (or both) of the ad. This type of ad can be placed on both the desktop and mobile news feed.


If you’re limited on time and money, single image ads are the way to go.

Video Ad

Have you recently clicked on a movie trailer, a trailer labeled as “Sponsored” next to its movie title? Congratulations, you’ve interacted with a video ad! As the name indicates, video ads are ads that use a video instead of an image.


While video ads contain text above the video, much like a single image ad, it does not, however, contain headlines and descriptions.

Video ads are great for storytelling, one element that is hard to achieve with a single image ad. Keep in mind that you should create video ads for sound off since most Facebook users often don’t press play on an image ad. Instead, they often stop and watch the video play automatically with sound off.

Designing videos for sound off is easy. Simply add subtitles!

Carousel Ad

Can’t decide whether you want to create a video ad or a single image ad? Then give Carousel ad a try! Carousel Ads let you upload up to 10 images or videos. Like video ads, carousel ads work successfully with storytelling as your audience scrolls through images and videos.


Don’t want to use videos but still want to create a story through your ad? Carousel ads, which appear only on mobile and desktop news feeds, are great for that too! You can use up to 10 images to tell your story, as well as showcase multiple products at once.

Here are Carousel ad tips from Facebook:

  • Use product images to target returning or high-intent customers
  • Use Lifestyle images to target new customers
  • Use images that are related to one theme for each ad
  • Try different creative strategies (storytelling or sequencing) and use what works best for you

Canvas Ads

Canvas ads are an immersive experience that showcases a brand’s services or products through storytelling. Of all the ads, Canvas ads are the most difficult, time consuming, and expensive ads to create. These rare-to-find ads are often created by Facebook advertising agencies with big, well-known clients.


Now that you know the four types of Facebook ads, I have an assignment for you! Scroll down your Facebook news feed until you find a Facebook ad then ask yourself whether it is a Canvas, Video, Single Image, or Carousel Ad. If you get it right, then I’ve taught you well. If not, then comment below your inquisitive inquiries!