The Twitter Advertising Guide


In this post, I will discuss how Twitter ads and Twitter advertising works.

Twitter Ads Basics

Three types of Twitter ads exist, ads that you have likely seen before. These Twitter ads are the following:

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends

Twitter will show these ads to people who are logged in or logged out of Twitter. Although these ads appear similar to organic posts, they are clearly marked by a “promoted” icon. Like organic posts, users can interact with Twitter ads by liking or retweeting the ad. The actions taken on the ad will be visible to other Twitter users.

The individuals to whom you can show Twitter ads depend on those individuals’ Twitter information, activity, and relationship with ad partners. For example, if someone followed Adidas’ Twitter account, that person will see ads by Adidas. If that person also expressed an interest in sports, that person will likely see sports related ads.

Twitter can also target ads based on information that Twitter and its affiliates collect and information that their ad partners provide them. This includes browser-related information (a browser cookie ID), a mobile device identifier, or a hashed email address. Twitter uses this information to display ads about things people have already shown interest in from brands and businesses that they may like. For example, if someone already visited the website of a flower shop or signed up for the shop’s newsletter, that person might see an ad on Twitter from that flower shop.

Twitter Campaigns

When you advertise on Twitter, you can create campaigns that align with your objectives. You begin by picking a goal, creating a campaign, and paying for the results. Below are the list of campaigns Twitter offers:

Website Clicks

You with this campaign, you can increase site visits, conversions, and sales.

People use Twitter to connect with their interests and discover new products. Effectively showcase your business and bring interested audiences to your site.

If you want to build an audience, this is the way to go. When people follow you on Twitter, they want to hear more from you and are likely to become loyal customers. In fact, 94% of survey respondents plan to purchase something from an SMB they follow.*


People on Twitter love to discover interesting content and take part in enthusiastic conversations. Place your best content in front of the audience that matters to you, at the time it will be most effective.

App Campaigns

Over 80% of Twitter’s users are on mobile and they’re looking for apps to download. In fact, Twitter users have used 24% more apps in the past day than the average smartphone owner.**

Twitter Analytics

Twitter’s analytics help you understand how the content you share on Twitter grows your business. Here are the main features of Twitter Analytics:

  • Account home: your account home is your Twitter report card, with high-level statistics tracked from month to month. It’s also a gallery of your greatest hits: we’ll spotlight your top-performing Tweets and introduce you to the influencers in your network.
  • Tweet activity dashboard: Your Tweet activity dashboard is where you’ll find metrics for every single one of your Tweets. You’ll know exactly how many times Twitter users have seen, Retweeted, liked and replied to each Tweet.
  • Audience insights dashboard: Your audience insights dashboard contains valuable information about the people who follow you on Twitter. You can track your follower growth over time and learn more about your followers’ interests and demographics.

Twitter Targeting

When you advertise on Twitter, you can use their targeting options to target the right audience, whether you want to reach a niche group or connect with people around the world. Below are the targeting options Twitter offers.

Language targeting

Reach people who understand a particular language.

Gender targeting

Target your message to males or females.

Interest targeting

Serve up your campaign to users whose interests broadly align with your business.

Follower targeting

Target the followers of relevant accounts  to reach people who are likely to be interested in your content.

Device targeting

Target users based on the specific mobile device they use to access Twitter.

Behavior targeting

Reach high-intent audiences on Twitter based on shopping and spending patterns.

Tailored Audiences targeting

Tailored Audiences uses your own CRM lists to reach specific groups of users on Twitter.

Keyword targeting

Act on signals of intent by delivering timely messages to users based on what they’ve recently Tweeted or engaged with in Tweets.

Geography targeting

Connect with a global audience or narrow the reach of your campaign to a specific country, region or even town.