Top 6 Pinterest Marketing Tips


1. Share Pin It for Later Links

If you want to drive traffic to your Pinterest account and increase repins, you should share Pin It for Later links. Doing so encourages users to pin content from your site onto their own boards. It also encourages them to engage with your content even when users aren’t on the platform. This feature, with the “Pin it for Later” prompt, applies across different social media platforms.

2. Write 20-30 Keywords

The ideal amount for keywords, according to Pinterest, is around 20-30 keywords per promoted pin. With this number, you will get yourself noticed without accidentally showing your content to the wrong target, which is what you will likely do with keywords exceeding 30 words. Implementing this advice is important because keywords significantly affects your targeting with promoted pins. If you write the wrong keywords, you will target the wrong people. If you write too many keywords, you will target irrelevant people.

If you use 30 keywords, you will successfully cover all of the broad, specific, short, and long keywords you need. Consequently, you’ll have a better chance of appearing in searches when users are searching for content like yours. Also keywords ensure that your pin exists in the correct category.

Note that these keywords don’t appear on promoted pins. Instead, they function as a targeting criteria by matching your content with those searching for it.

3. Feature Multiple Products in Single Pins

If you want to increase engagement, then I recommend featuring multiple products in your pins. Doing so allows you to…

  1. Show users a portion of your product catalogue in one image
  2. Appeal to multiple users in one image
  3. Acquire larger sales

4. Use PinGroupie

If you want to find group boards on Pinterest without difficulty, then you should use PinGroupie. It’s an easy way to reach more people for repins, followers, and traffic.

Here is how you use PinGroupie:

  1. Go to PinGroupie’s home page
  2. Fill in the search fields.
  3. Choose a category
  4. Choose the order in which you would like to see the board. (You should choose the repins option because the more repins the board gets, the more engaging it is. If you are looking for a board with a specific title or description, you can also add them.)
  5. Once you’ve filled in all your details hit ‘Filter’ and a list of relevant group boards along with their details will appear below.

5. Overlay Text on Images

While descriptions matter, images reign supreme on Pinterest. However to catch the attention of users scrolling quickly through feeds, adding text overlay directly onto your images makes them stand out and explains why your pin and the content behind it are so valuable.
However make sure your text doesn’t dominate or crowd the image. Instead, keep your text concise, simple, and readable. You can also use different text styles to draw attention to your image. For example you can bold text can make the description stand out or use appealing fonts and font colors. When choosing a font color, ensure that your text color contrasts well against the image.

6. Select Stronger Attribution Window

Because Pinners come to Pinterest to plan for the future, select a longer attribution window to capture the future intent to strengthen your conversions.

People who repin are more than twice as likely to sign up and purchase online. Consequently, make sure your attribution model accounts for these high intent signals on Pinterest.

Additionally, make sure you pull running, historical reports to capture earned and latent conversions and see your earned efficiencies over time.